Super Spoken English Program 2024

SUPER Spoken English 2024

Course Goals:

The purpose of the Super Spoken English Program is to synchronize educational fineness with human excellence and global professional development, to promote self- improvement, International English Test TOEFL, IELTS, CAE, CPE and creativity in a stress free live online atmosphere, to emphasize on providing the most modern and sophisticated Spoken English learning environment coupled with the need of competitive examinations, job interviews and industry need. Moreover, it is to develop a more qualified and learned international society of English speaking peoples from different countries of the world.

The Goal is to create a society where English speaking capability can be harnessed by each and every individual to increase his/her potential to succeed in their professional, personal and daily life. We seek to liberate the person from his inability to communicate in the corporate language of the world.

“The expert in anything was once a beginner.” – Helen Hayes

Course Overview:

We live in a global community filled with diverse cultures and languages. So often, we go about our lives only speaking with others of our native language. Learning to speak English like native speaker may be the best thing one can do to improve global network. English is the most widely-spoken language in the world with over 1,121 million speakers (native & non-native). Now, that’s a lot of new people to meet! There’s a reason why many call English the international language of business. Walk into any job interview at a Fortune 500 company, and you’ll quickly understand why. Almost every large corporation is rooted in strong English communication skills. The future of business lies in a global economy, and many employers now require employees to speak English. If you work abroad or want to travel the globe, learning English is a great choice. With so many English-speakers worldwide, learning the language can help you communicate with locals along the way. When traveling, it’s always wise to brush-up on the standard questions, greetings, and phrases the local language. Doing so shows respect for the country you are visiting. Basic knowledge of English is also needed to communicate with tourism-related businesses. Paying for a hotel, ordering at a restaurant, or asking for directions is a lot easier. In this time of rapid globalization, adding English fluency to your language skills can be rewarding to you both in terms of position and salary in academic- research organizations, corporate organizations, universities, colleges and any other offices. Therefore this Super Spoken English Program opens an ocean of knowledge before and works as a bridge of communication between you and the whole world.

Course Objectives:

  1. Fluently speak in English in any situation, Job Interview and Competitive Examination Interview.
  2. Preparation for International Entrance Examination or Test on English to receive the scholarship for higher education. Special classes for Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), International English Language Testing System (IELTS), Cambridge English: Advanced (CAE) and Certificate of Proficiency in English (CPE) and other related examinations.
  3. Speak and understand UK and US Accent for Professional Growth and Global Network.
  4. Present yourself more confidently in personal interviews for career enhancement.
  5. Communicate and express ideas / suggestions / analysis in Business English using latest vocabulary and Corporate English.
  6. Frame grammatically correct sentences in English and deliver effective presentations to enhance the quality of content in all types of communications.

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Course Structure:


Super Spoken English (SSE) Program 2024

Spoken English


What We Offer

Syllabus: Super Spoken English (SSE)


Unit 1: Spoken English Early Learning

a.      Vocabulary & word formation

b.     Pronunciation, Listening & Comprehension

c.      Reading Skill

Unit 2: Essential English Vocabulary

a.      Listening to Native English Speakers

b.     American English Idioms

c.      Phrase Reductions in American English

Unit 3: Words & Phrases Used for Conversation

a.      Telephonic Conversation

b.     Public speech

c.      Interview Essential English

Unit 4: Phonetics

a.      Received Pronunciation

b.     Speech mechanism

c.      Speech sounds

Syllabus: Super Spoken English (SSE)


Unit 5: English for Corporate and Officials

a.      Fundamentals

b.     Communications of Native Speakers

c.      Group Discussion 

Unit 6: Modern Styles of Native Speakers

a.      Use of “T”, “D” and “N” in Spoken English

b.     Use of “R”, “S” or “Z” by Native Speakers

c.      Modern Music, News and Native Speakers

Unit 7: Intonation 

a.      Fundamentals of Intonation

b.     Stress and Super segmental

c.      Tone and Pitch of Voice

Unit 8: Practice and Speak like Native Speaker

a.      Linking Words for Smoother Speech Flow

b.     Commonly Contracted Words

c.      Casual versus Formal Speech

Super Spoken English (SSE 2024) Program

After Completion of Super Spoken English (SSE 2024) Program:


After Completion of Super Spoken English (SSE) Program:

  1. All the participants will receive six e-certificates
  2. Spoken English, American Accent and British Accent 15 pdf Books.
  3. Five Software for Creative English Drafting and Blogging
  4. Three extra books for drafting of Cover Letters and Applications for Job Interview and Office Work.
  5. All participant will receive the opportunity to be the member of our Global Spoken English Community and Free Membership to our International Society “International Council of Language and Literature Research “(ICLLR) of Eudoxia.


The Super Spoken English (SSE) Program of Eudoxia helps students to build knowledge of content, vocabulary and methods of literary studies, English education, academic, professional, and development of Spoken English like native speakers.

This program will help students see themselves as professionals, as part of a discipline with skills and abilities valuable in the business, teaching, publishing, job interviews, promotions and professional research as Global Citizen. This program is the best opportunity for students to improvise critical thinking skills with Spoken English for global network, useful not only in the academic life but also in the professional world at large.

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“Language is not a genetic gift, it is a social gift. Learning a new language is becoming a member of the club – the community of speakers of that language.”

– Frank Smith.

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