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The Fellow of Royal Golden Assembly of Eudoxia Lifetime (FRAEL) or Royal Golden Fellows are presented to distinguished Scholars, Academician, Innovators, Scientists, Social Workers, Entrepreneurs, Politicians, Cultivators and Contributors who have made substantial contributions to their respective fields of study. A prestigious Fellow of Royal Golden Assembly of Eudoxia Lifetime (FRAEL)  from a Eudoxia Research University and Eudoxia Research Centre can be a wonderful achievement for Contributor and have a major impact on their career path. While applying for research employment or funds from any international funding agency or organization, this esteemed fellow FRAEL will be a significant credential. 

Elevate Your Legacy

The distinguished fellow FRAEL title will act as an honor for a researcher. This could acknowledge their contributions to their field and their promise for future research. This endorsement will be a great asset in the academic world, and it will increase the researcher’s reputation and trustworthiness among their contemporaries. This will also result in new prospects for collaboration and networking, thereby enhancing their research career. This distinguished fellow FRAEL has access to resources and facilities that may not be available to other researchers and is entitled to apply for “Royal Golden Awards.” Fellows get access to equipment and software that may not be available to other researchers at Eudoxia Research University.

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The distinguished fellow from a Research Organization can be a significant distinction for a researcher, bringing recognition, financial assistance, and access to resources, as well as a career-enhancing credential. It can act as a badge of honor for distinguished researchers and help them further their research and professional objectives. As such, it is a significant and highly coveted achievement in the academic community. The prestigious fellow FRAEL can serve as a mark of distinction for a researcher. It can be a recognition of their contributions to their field and their potential for further research. This recognition will be a valuable asset in the academic community, and it can enhance the researcher’s reputation and credibility among their peers.

Lead, Innovate, Excel: Your Pathway to Global Recognition: Royal golden award 2024


The Crown of Innovation: Honoring Leaders in Research and Academia

The Royal Golden Fellow represents the zenith of achievement and recognition in the realms of academia and innovation. As a lifetime fellowship, it not only symbolizes a hallmark of excellence but also serves as a gateway to the esteemed Royal Golden Award. The Royal Golden Fellow is more than just an accolade; it is a testament to an individual’s enduring commitment to the advancement of knowledge and innovation. Designed to honor the crème de la crème of the academic and innovation community, this fellowship is a beacon of excellence, illuminating the path for future generations. Being bestowed with the Royal Golden Fellow membership not only elevates the recipient’s stature within the global academic and research community but also affiliates them with a group of distinguished scholars and innovators who have made significant contributions to their respective fields. All the applicant of Royal Golden Fellow should submit their CV into for selection process.

Royal Golden Fellow Registration after selection of CV: Selected applicant should select their respective category as per their interest.

Category Diamond: The winner of Royal Golden Fellow (Diamond) will receive publication of profile, Royal Golden Award Book and all award materials, gown by attending the physical event with free fooding for two persons.

Category Gold: The winner of Royal Golden Fellow (Gold) will receive digital publication of the profile and all award materials, gown by post as mentioned in the website.

Category Silver: The winner of Royal Golden Fellow Silver will receive digital publication of profile, ID Card, Certificates and all others benefits as per mentioned in website.

Distinguished Minds, Royal Recognition

The eligibility for the Royal Golden Award, which is contingent upon the Royal Golden Fellow membership, further accentuates the exclusivity and prestige of this recognition. The Royal Golden Award serves as a milestone for academicians and innovators, marking a moment of unparalleled achievement in their careers. It is not merely an acknowledgment of past accomplishments but also a recognition of the potential for future contributions to the advancement of knowledge and societal progress. The award, therefore, is a symbol of excellence, a beacon of inspiration, and a catalyst for continued innovation and research.

The application process for becoming a Royal Golden Fellow is meticulous and designed to uphold the highest standards of merit and excellence. Applicants are required to submit their Curriculum Vitae (CV), which undergoes a rigorous evaluation process. The Eudoxia Research University and Eudoxia Research Centre have adopted a Double Blind Review process for the selection of Royal Golden Fellows. This transparent selection process ensures that the evaluation of applications is based solely on the merit of the applicant’s contributions to their field, without any bias or influence from external factors. The Double Blind Review process, wherein both the reviewer and the applicant remain anonymous to each other, is a cornerstone of the integrity and fairness of the selection process. It underscores the commitment of the Eudoxia Research University and Eudoxia Research Centre to fostering an environment of equity, where excellence is the only criterion for recognition. The adoption of the Double Blind Review process by the Eudoxia Research University and Eudoxia Research Centre is indicative of the evolving landscape of academic and innovation accolades.


Crisis Management

In an era where transparency and fairness are increasingly valued, such a selection process not only enhances the credibility of the Royal Golden Fellow and Royal Golden Award but also sets a benchmark for other institutions to emulate. It ensures that the award remains a true reflection of excellence, untainted by external biases, and accessible to all deserving candidates, irrespective of their background or affiliations. The Royal Golden Fellow and the associated Royal Golden Award represent the pinnacle of recognition for academicians and innovators. These honors are not merely accolades but are symbols of the relentless pursuit of knowledge, the spirit of innovation, and the commitment to advancing human society. The rigorous and transparent selection process employed by the Eudoxia Research University and Eudoxia Research Centre ensures that this recognition remains a beacon of excellence and a milestone in the careers of those who are bestowed with it. As such, the Royal Golden Fellow embodies the essence of academic and innovative achievement, serving as an inspiration for future generations to aspire towards excellence. Winning the Royal Golden Fellow membership and the Royal Golden Award from institutions such as the Eudoxia Research University and Eudoxia Research Centre carries significant career benefits. These accolades not only serve as a testament to one’s contributions and achievements in academia and innovation but also open doors to numerous opportunities for professional growth, collaboration, and influence. Receiving the Royal Golden Fellow membership and Award significantly boosts an individual’s professional stature. It places the recipient among an elite group of academicians and innovators recognized globally for their excellence. This elevated status can lead to increased respect from peers, superiors, and the broader academic and professional community.


How to Apply

Eudoxia is a prestigious international organization that recognizes outstanding individuals for their exceptional contributions to their respective fields. Through its Lifetime Fellow Membership and International Royal Golden Award, Eudoxia honors those who have made significant impacts in their areas of expertise. One can apply for these esteemed recognitions by submitting a well-crafted Curriculum Vitae (CV) to the email: This article will guide applicants through the process of applying for Lifetime Fellow Membership and the International Royal Golden Award in Eudoxia through the submission of a CV.

Step 1: Understanding the Criteria

Before embarking on the application process, it is essential to familiarize oneself with the criteria for each award. For the Lifetime Fellow Membership, Eudoxia seeks individuals with a long-standing record of distinguished accomplishments in their fields, showing exceptional leadership, innovation, and commitment to their profession. The International Royal Golden Award, on the other hand, recognizes those whose contributions have had a significant global impact, exhibiting a spirit of excellence and dedication in their work.

Step 2: Preparing the CV

A well-structured and comprehensive CV is vital to showcase your achievements, experiences, and qualifications. It is a reflection of your professional journey and plays a significant role in impressing the selection committee. Here are some key tips to consider when preparing your CV:

1. Personal Information: Include your name, contact details, and a professional email address.

2. Professional Summary: Begin your CV with a concise summary highlighting your key accomplishments and expertise.

3. Education and Qualifications: Provide details of your academic background, including degrees, certifications, and relevant training.

4. Professional Experience: List your work history in chronological order, emphasizing roles, responsibilities, and achievements in each position.

5. Contributions and Achievements: Highlight your significant contributions to your field, publications, awards, recognitions, and any other notable accomplishments.

6. Leadership and Collaborations: Include any leadership roles, committee memberships, and collaborations with other prominent figures in your industry.

7. Skills and Expertise: Showcase your unique skills and expertise that set you apart in your field.

Step 3: Tailoring the CV for Eudoxia

After preparing a comprehensive CV, tailor it precisely to align with the criteria and values of Eudoxia. Emphasize how your achievements and contributions resonate with the organization’s core values, which include excellence, integrity, innovation, and global impact.

Step 4: Submitting the CV to Eudoxia

Once your CV is ready and aligned with Eudoxia’s values, it is time to submit it to the organization via email. The official email address for submission is . Make sure to follow all instructions and guidelines provided by Eudoxia for the application process.

Step 5: Await the Decision

After submitting your CV, exercise patience as the selection committee reviews all applications thoroughly. The process may take some time, considering the high caliber of applicants Eudoxia receives. It is essential to remain optimistic and continue your professional pursuits.

Applying for Lifetime Fellow Membership and the International Royal Golden Award in Eudoxia is a remarkable opportunity for individuals who have demonstrated excellence and exceptional contributions in their fields. By carefully preparing a tailored CV and aligning it with the organization’s values, applicants increase their chances of being recognized and honored by Eudoxia. The journey towards these esteemed recognitions is a testament to dedication, hard work, and a commitment to making a positive impact on a global scale.

The Fellow of Royal Golden Assembly of Eudoxia Lifetime (FRAEL) in Short Royal Golden Fellow) represents a prestigious community of individuals who have achieved outstanding excellence in their respective fields. This esteemed fellowship not only recognizes their contributions but also opens doors to various international award categories, where FRAEL members can apply and receive recognition without any fee. In this essay, we will explore the twelve steps through which FRAEL members become eligible to apply for different international award categories in their disciplines.

  1. Acquiring FRAEL Membership:

The first step towards being eligible for international awards is to become a Fellow of the Royal Golden Membership of Eudoxia Lifetime. This involves a thorough evaluation of the candidate’s accomplishments and contributions, ensuring only the most deserving individuals receive this prestigious title.

  1. Identifying Award Categories:

FRAEL members gain access to a wide range of international award categories, each specific to their respective disciplines. These categories may include research excellence, innovation, leadership, social impact, and more.

  1. Expert Panel Evaluation:

FRAEL members’ applications for international awards are reviewed by expert panels comprising esteemed professionals and scholars in their respective fields. This ensures a rigorous and fair evaluation process.

  1. Demonstrating Impact:

Applicants are required to showcase the impact of their work in their fields and how it has contributed to the advancement of knowledge, technology, or society.

  1. Cross-Disciplinary Recognition:

FRAEL members have the opportunity to apply for awards outside their immediate fields, enabling cross-disciplinary recognition for innovative research and contributions.

  1. Global Reach:

The international award categories accessible to FRAEL members span across the globe, providing a platform for recognition and collaboration on a global scale.

  1. Networking Opportunities:

Applying for international awards opens doors to networking opportunities with other distinguished professionals, potential collaborators, and industry leaders.

  1. Recognition for Lifetime Achievements:

Certain award categories acknowledge lifetime achievements, celebrating the cumulative impact of a FRAEL member’s career and dedication to their field.

  1. No Application Fees:

One of the most significant benefits of being a FRAEL member is that there are no fees associated with applying for international awards or receiving them, eliminating financial barriers.


Award Categories 2024

Best Scientist Award 2024

Best Young Scientist Award 2024

Best Early Career Scientist Award 2024

Best Senior Scientist Award 2024

Best Female Scientist Award 2024

Best Institution of Research Excellence Award 2024

Best Multidisciplinary Research Paper Award 2024

Best Fiction Book Award 2024

Best Outstanding Journal Article Award 2024

Best Academic Publication Award 2024

Best Academician Award 2024

Best Academic Mentor Award 2024

Outstanding Academic Advisor Award 2024

Best Academic Excellence Award 2024

Best Academic Institution Award 2024

Outstanding Academic Association Award 2024

Best Academic Society Award 2024

Best Science Journal Paper Award 2024

Best Non-Fiction Book Award 2024

Best Academic Research Project Award 2024

Best Innovator of the Year 2024 Award

Best Medical Research Paper Award 2024

Best Contributory Engineer Award 2024

Best Environmental Scientist Award 2024

Best Social Science Research Paper Award

Best Humanities Research Paper Award

Outstanding Multidisciplinary Research Paper Award

Best International Corporate Award

Best Research Partnership Award

Best Industry-Academia Partnership Award

Outstanding Research Team Award for Best Research Project

Award for the Best Research Innovation,

Award for the Best Research Publication

Special Award Category : Science

  1. Isaac Newton Award – Known for his laws of motion and universal gravitation, Newton is one of the most influential scientists in history.
  2. Albert Einstein Award – Einstein’s theory of relativity transformed our understanding of space and time, and he is considered one of the greatest physicists of all time.
  3. Charles Darwin Award – Darwin’s theory of evolution by natural selection revolutionized our understanding of biology and has had a profound impact on many fields.
  4. Marie Curie Award – Curie was a pioneering physicist and chemist who made significant contributions to the study of radioactivity.
  5. Galileo Galilei Award – Galileo’s work laid the foundations for modern physics and astronomy and helped to usher in the scientific revolution.
  6. Nikola Tesla Award – Tesla’s contributions to electrical engineering and the development of alternating current have had a profound impact on modern technology.
  7. Johannes Kepler Award – Kepler’s laws of planetary motion helped to lay the foundations for modern astronomy and our understanding of the solar system.
  8. James Clerk Maxwell Award – Maxwell’s equations laid the groundwork for the development of modern electromagnetism.
  9. Richard Feynman Award – Feynman was a theoretical physicist who made significant contributions to the fields of quantum mechanics and particle physics.
  10. Rosalind Franklin Award – Franklin’s work on X-ray crystallography helped to lay the foundations for our understanding of DNA structure and function.
  11. Stephen Hawking Award – Hawking’s work on black holes and the origins of the universe helped to transform our understanding of space and time.
  12. Carl Sagan Award – Sagan was an astronomer, astrophysicist, and author who helped to popularize science and promote scientific literacy.
  13. Michael Faraday Award – Faraday’s work on electromagnetism helped to transform our understanding of electricity and has had a profound impact on modern technology.
  14. Leonardo da Vinci Award- Da Vinci was a polymath who made significant contributions to art, engineering, and science.
  15. Dmitri Mendeleev Award- Mendeleev’s development of the periodic table revolutionized our understanding of chemistry.
  16. Werner Heisenberg Award- Heisenberg’s work on quantum mechanics and the uncertainty principle helped to transform our understanding of the physical world.
  17. Edwin Hubble Award- Hubble’s work on the expanding universe helped to revolutionize our understanding of cosmology.
  18. Louis Pasteur Award – Pasteur’s work on microbiology and germ theory transformed our understanding of infectious disease and has had a profound impact on public health.
  19. Robert Boyle Award – Boyle’s work on the properties of gases helped to lay the foundations for modern chemistry.
  20. Francis Crick Award and James Watson Award – Crick and Watson’s discovery of the structure of DNA revolutionized our understanding of genetics and molecular biology.
  21. Alan Turing Award – Turing’s work on computation and artificial intelligence helped to transform our understanding of computing and has had a profound impact on modern technology.

Award Category: Entrepreneurship

  1. Andrew Carnegie – Carnegie was a steel magnate who became one of the richest men in history, and is considered a pioneer of modern entrepreneurship.
  2. Thomas Edison – Edison was a prolific inventor and businessman who founded General Electric.
  3. Henry Ford – Ford revolutionized the automobile industry with his innovative assembly line manufacturing techniques.
  4. Steve Jobs – Jobs co-founded Apple and was responsible for transforming the computer industry with the introduction of the Macintosh.
  5. Sam Walton – Walton founded Walmart and is credited with transforming the retail industry.
  6. Ray Kroc – Kroc was responsible for turning McDonald’s into a global fast-food empire.
  7. Oprah Winfrey – Winfrey is an entrepreneur and media mogul who has built an empire around her media and entertainment ventures.
  8. Sara Blakely – Blakely founded Spanx, a highly successful women’s undergarment company.
  9. Ingvar Kamprad – Kamprad founded IKEA and revolutionized the furniture industry with his flat-pack furniture design.
  10. Michael Dell – Dell founded Dell Technologies, which has become one of the world’s leading technology companies.
  11. K. Rowling – Rowling is an entrepreneur and author who has built an empire around her Harry Potter book series.
  12. Phil Knight – Knight founded Nike, which has become one of the world’s leading athletic apparel companies.
  13. Howard Schultz – Schultz is the founder of Starbucks and is credited with transforming the coffee industry.
  14. Reed Hastings – Hastings founded Netflix and has transformed the entertainment industry through his innovative streaming platform.


Last Date of Application: 26th May 2024

Last Date of Award Nomination: 27th  May, 2024

Last Date of Registration of FREAL Membership: 27th May, 2024

Date of Award Ceremony:29th May (Wednesday) and 30th May (Thursday) at 3 pm as per IST 2024 (Live Award during the International Conference ICNMR 2.0 2024, at 3 pm)


Special Award Categories

Award Category: Social Sciences

  1. Sigmund Freud – Freud’s theories on the unconscious mind and psychoanalysis transformed the field of psychology.
  2. Karl Marx – Marx’s ideas on capitalism, communism, and social inequality have had a profound impact on political science and economics.
  3. Max Weber – Weber’s work on social stratification, bureaucracy, and the sociology of religion have had a lasting impact on sociology.
  4. Emile Durkheim – Durkheim’s work on social solidarity, suicide, and the sociology of religion have been influential in sociology.
  5. Mary Wollstonecraft – Wollstonecraft’s work on women’s rights and gender equality has had a profound impact on feminist theory and political science.
  6. Michel Foucault – Foucault’s work on power, knowledge, and the history of sexuality has been influential in philosophy, sociology, and cultural studies.
  7. Edward Said – Said’s work on orientalism and postcolonial theory has transformed the study of cultural and literary criticism.
  8. Noam Chomsky – Chomsky’s work on linguistics, political theory, and media analysis has had a profound impact on multiple social science fields.
  9. Jane Addams – Addams was a social reformer who founded Hull House, a settlement house that provided social services to immigrant communities.
  10. John Maynard Keynes – Keynesian economics, developed by Keynes, has had a lasting impact on macroeconomics and government policy.
  11. Herbert Spencer – Spencer’s work on social evolution and social Darwinism has influenced the fields of sociology and anthropology.
  12. Edward T. Hall – Hall’s work on cross-cultural communication has been influential in the fields of anthropology, linguistics, and psychology.
  13. Clifford Geertz – Geertz’s work on the interpretation of culture has transformed the field of anthropology.
  14. Carol Gilligan – Gilligan’s work on feminist ethics and moral development has had a profound impact on the field of psychology.
  15. Talcott Parsons – Parsons’ work on social systems theory and the sociology of institutions has been influential in sociology.
  16. E.B. Du Bois – Du Bois’ work on race and racial inequality has been influential in sociology, history, and political science.
  17. Margaret Mead – Mead’s work on cultural anthropology and gender studies has been influential in anthropology and sociology.
  18. Adam Smith – Smith’s work on economics and capitalism has had a profound impact on modern economic theory.
  19. Friedrich Hayek – Hayek’s work on the free market and the limits of government intervention has had a lasting impact on economics and political theory.
  20. Amartya Sen – Sen’s work on development economics and social choice theory has had a profound impact on economics and political science.
  21. Jürgen Habermas – Habermas’ work on communicative action and critical theory has transformed the fields of philosophy, sociology, and political theory.

Award Category: Humanities

  1. Aristotle – Aristotle was a Greek philosopher who made significant contributions to logic, metaphysics, ethics, and politics.
  2. Socrates – Socrates was a philosopher who is credited with establishing the Socratic method of inquiry and is regarded as one of the founders of Western philosophy.
  3. Plato – Plato was a philosopher who is known for his writings on metaphysics, epistemology, and ethics, and is considered one of the most important figures in Western philosophy.
  4. William Shakespeare – Shakespeare is widely regarded as the greatest playwright in history and his works continue to be studied and performed around the world.
  5. Homer – Homer was an ancient Greek poet who is credited with writing the Iliad and the Odyssey, two of the most important works in Western literature.
  6. Dante Alighieri – Dante was an Italian poet who wrote the Divine Comedy, which is considered one of the greatest works of Western literature.
  7. Friedrich Nietzsche – Nietzsche was a German philosopher who is known for his writings on morality, religion, and the nature of human existence.
  8. Michel de Montaigne – Montaigne was a French philosopher and writer who is credited with developing the essay as a literary form.
  9. Jane Austen – Austen was an English novelist who is known for her works of romantic fiction, including Pride and Prejudice and Sense and Sensibility.
  10. Virginia Woolf – Woolf was a British novelist and essayist who is known for her writings on women’s rights and the nature of literature.
  11. E.B. Du Bois – Du Bois was an African American sociologist, historian, and civil rights activist who is known for his work on race relations in America.
  12. Edward Said – Said was a Palestinian American literary critic and writer who is known for his work on postcolonialism and Orientalism.
  13. Simone de Beauvoir – Beauvoir was a French writer and philosopher who is known for her work on feminism and existentialism.
  14. John Keats – Keats was an English Romantic poet who is known for his works of poetry, including Ode to a Nightingale and To Autumn.
  15. Friedrich Engels – Engels was a German philosopher and economist who is known for his work on Marxism and the Communist Manifesto, which he co-wrote with Karl Marx.
  16. Karl Marx – Marx was a German philosopher, economist, and revolutionary socialist who is known for his work on communism and his influence on modern political and economic thought.
  17. Sigmund Freud – Freud was an Austrian neurologist and the founder of psychoanalysis, which has had a significant impact on psychology and modern culture.
  18. Noam Chomsky – Chomsky is an American linguist, philosopher, and political activist who is known for his work on language acquisition and his criticisms of American foreign policy.
  19. Hannah Arendt – Arendt was a German-born American political theorist who is known for her work on totalitarianism and her contributions to political philosophy.
  20. Edward W. Said – Said was a Palestinian American literary critic and writer who is known for his work on postcolonialism and Orientalism.
  21. James Baldwin – Baldwin was an African American writer and civil rights activist who is known for his works of fiction and non-fiction on race relations in America.

Award Category: Engineering

  1. Archimedes – An ancient Greek mathematician, physicist, and engineer who made significant contributions to the fields of geometry, calculus, and mechanics.
  2. Isaac Newton – An English mathematician, physicist, and astronomer who is widely considered to be one of the most influential scientists in history. Newton made groundbreaking contributions to calculus, optics, and the laws of motion.
  3. Carl Friedrich Gauss – A German mathematician who made significant contributions to number theory, algebra, and differential geometry. Gauss is often referred to as the “Prince of Mathematicians.”
  4. Leonhard Euler – A Swiss mathematician who made important contributions to almost every area of mathematics. Euler is also known for his work in physics and engineering.
  5. Euclid – An ancient Greek mathematician who is known for his contributions to geometry. Euclid’s Elements is one of the most influential works in the history of mathematics.
  6. Pythagoras – A Greek philosopher and mathematician who is best known for the Pythagorean Theorem, which relates to the sides of a right triangle.
  7. Blaise Pascal – A French mathematician, physicist, and philosopher who made significant contributions to calculus, probability theory, and geometry.


Applications are invited for Life Time Fellow Membership FRAEL (Fellow of Royal Golden Assembly of Eudoxia Lifetime), after selection and registration as a FRAEL Member of Eudoxia, the registered candidate can submit their Nomination for “ROYAL GOLDEN AWARD 2024


Royal Golden Fellow will receive the following certificates, memento and kit in appreciation to their lifetime excellent contribution made to society

  1. Certificate of Fellow of Royal Golden Assembly of Eudoxia Lifetime simply Royal Golden Fellow and Selected Candidates can apply for Live Award Ceremony also.
  2. FRAEL Status Title Certificate
  3. Royal Golden Award Certificate
  4. Royal Golden Award Memento
  5. Royal Golden Medal
  6. Award Convocation Gown
  7. Public Webpage Link as Royal Golden Fellow
  8. Eudoxia File of Royal Golden Fellow
  9. Royal Golden Fellow Bag
  10. Traditional Cloths (Gamosa and Salang Sador)
  11. Free Breakfast, Lunch, Evening Tea, Dinner included
  12. Evening Special Dinner Party on the Day of Award Ceremony. 
  13. Awards Kit Bag
  14. Free Entry to 10 International Conferences (Valid for Lifetime)
  15. Executive Member Position in International Research Council of Eudoxia

N.B: All the above-mentioned materials and facilities are available for the Royal Golden Award Diamond Category only, the Gold Category Royal Golden Award Winners will receive the materials by post and the Silver Category Royal Golden Award Registered winners will receive the Live Digital Award Ceremony with e-certificates from the organization.


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