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Date: 18th September to 26th September 2023

Advanced FDP 2023

FDP MDP -2023

Date: 18th September (Monday) to 26th September (Tuesday) 2023

International Advanced Faculty Development Program on Mechanics of Manuscript Drafting and Publication Process (FDP MDP 2023)

About Advanced FDP MDP- 2023:

This International Advanced Faculty Development Program on Mechanics of Manuscript Drafting and Publication Process (FDP MDP 2023). The goal of FDP MDP is to identify the truth through a combination of logic and experiences. Different research methodologies are utilized by educational researchers based on the data collecting and analysis employed at a specified instant to create appropriate research methods that are important for teaching scholarly students problem-solving skills and the publication process.  Manuscript Drafting Mechanism approaches are on a distinct spectrum, they all strive to discover educational problems in a different way. The purpose of this program was to evaluate the in-depth utility of Free Manuscript Drafting approaches in exploring problem-solving skills to understand human behavior and society during Post Doctoral or Higher Research Degree. All the registered participants will receive two e-certificates mentioning the Course Work Topic of the Training and one more Certificate of Completion.

In order to improve their Free Research Publication and innovation in the higher education sector, the Advanced Faculty Development Program (FDP MDP 2023) provides academic and professional training for academics and researchers.


This faculty development program on  Qualitative and Quantitative Research Design will help Researchers and Academicians for understanding the basics of Research Methodology, Research Gap, Research Question, Research Problem, Research Design, qualitative and Quantitative Data Collection, selecting the topic for Research, formulation and testing of hypothesis, method of data collection, Mechanics of Dissertation and Thesis Writing, Ethical issues in Research along with plagiarism checking, paraphrasing process by using software. This FDP course teaches you the basics of conducting qualitative and quantitative research. You will learn how to: (a) design research questions to conduct Qualitative, Quantitative and Mixed Method Research Design, (b) write interview questions, and (c) conduct observations. You will also be introduced to basic data analysis techniques, software and think about where you would like to publish and present your research.

This course is perfect for anyone interested in conducting qualitative, quantitative and mixed method research but isn’t sure how to get started. At the end of this course, you will have gained knowledge about the primary tools used in qualitative and quantitative research and how to use them. You will be ready to go forth and conduct your own research, drafting thesis or dissertation as well as guiding scholars.


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FDP MDP -2023

Date: 18th September (Monday) to 26th September (Tuesday) 2023

International Advanced Faculty Development Program on Mechanics of Manuscript Drafting and Publication Process (FDP MDP 2023)


In this International FDP MDP, Academicians and Researchers will gain a good understanding and knowledge about fundamentals of Qualitative, Quantitative, Mixed method research, Thesis/Dissertation Drafting, SCOPUS/UGC CARE/WOS Free Publication Process, Plagiarism Checking and Removal, Ethical Paraphrasing . In this course, our aim is to teach you, both the theory, including different types of data collection methods, sampling and data analysis by using AI software for both qualitative and quantitative research paper free publication.

All the Researchers and Academicians of the Globe are facing crucial challenge for maintaining the quality of research especially in Quantitative and Qualitative Research Methodology, data collection, analysis of data and applications of research software like NVivo and SPSS for coding and analysis of data. It is the need and demand of the Research Community of the world and budding Researchers to receive a sound research method and methodology hands-on live training for nurturing their research and to cope up with future challenges in research.

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FDP MDP -2023

DATE: 18th September to 26th September, 2023

International Advanced Faculty Development Program on Mechanics of Manuscript Drafting and Publication Process (FDP MDP 2023)

Day 1: 18/09/2023 (Monday)

Topic: Selection of Research Topic and Mechanics of Manuscript Drafting

Process Selection of Research Topic for Research Degree and Research Project, Significance of Original and Review Research Manuscript, Flowchart of Research Manuscript Drafting, Research Gap, Research Question, Research Design for Manuscript Drafting, Different Formats of Manuscript Drafting, Time Bound Planning Process for Manuscript Drafting

Day 2: 20/09/2023 (Wednesday)

Topic: Journal Selection Mechanism for Free Publication.

Selection Process of Peer Reviewed International Journals for Free Publication, Effective Journals for publication of Research Paper during Postdoctoral Research, Concept of Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4 Quartiles of SCOPUS Journals for Free Publication Process, Free Collection of SCOPUS, WOS, IEEE and UGC CARE List Journals Papers, SCIMAGO Ranking, Impact Factor Calculation, h-index, i-index, g-index, International Journal Publication Process.

Day 3: 23/09/2023 (Saturday)

Topic: Research Proposal Drafting Mechanism and Higher Studies after Postdoctoral Research

Mechanics of Research Proposal Drafting, Complete Flow Chart of Research Proposal for Postdoctoral Research, Letter of Recommendation (LOR), Need of Postdoctoral Research for Higher Research Degree, International Guidelines for Postdoctoral and Higher Research Degree.

Day 4: 25/06/2023 (Monday)

Topic: Minor and Major Research Project Proposal Drafting and Submission Process

Funding Agencies for Minor and Major Research Projects, Eligibility Criteria of the Principal Investigator for Major and Minor Research Projects, Different steps of Drafting Research Projects for International Funding Agencies, and Financial Budget Preparation during the Research Project Submission Process, Structure, Mechanism and Flowchart of Minor and Major Research Project.

Day 5: 26/09/2023 (Tuesday)

Topic: Reference Management by Manual and Research Software Mendeley, Zotero

Need of Reference Management in Minor and Major Research Projects, Reference Arrangement by Using Manual Method. Citation Styles: APA, MLA, Chicago, Turabian, IEEE, Vancouver, Harvard (Author-Date) style, Free Installation and Application Mendeley, Zotero for Reference Arrangement, Application of Plug-In, Editing with Reference Management Software, Collection of Free Research Papers by using Mendeley and Zotero, Use of Identifier in Reference Management Software.

FDP MDP -2023

Date: 18th September (Monday) to 26th September (Tuesday) 2023

International Advanced Faculty Development Program on Mechanics of Manuscript Drafting and Publication Process (FDP MDP 2023)









Special Features :


  • Selection of Research Topic and Research Proposal Drafting.
  • Research Topic Selection for Manuscript Drafting and Publication.
  • Research Proposal Drafting as a part of Minor and Major Research Projects.
  • Research and Methodology for Qualitative, Quantitative and Experimental Research Design and Research Software as Research tools.
  • Free SCOPUS, WOS, IEEE and UGC CARE List Publication Process
  • Application of Software for Thesis Drafting, Editing, Plagiarism Checking and Ethical Paraphrasing.
  • Reference Management Software Zotero and Mendeley. 
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SCOPE of ADVANCED FDP MDP-2023 Includes:

A good research methodology is a key to sound research output and quality publication in peer reviewed journals. Eudoxia Research Centre is supporting the Researchers and Academicians of 193 countries of the world to enrich their research methodology and research paper free publication in scientific research, qualitative research and quantitative research.

SCOPE of the FDP MDP: Who should join this

Anyone wishing to develop their interviewing skills to conduct professional research in higher education

Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, Professor, Academic students, researchers and teachers

Research assistants, research associates and research consultants

Doctoral/Post Doctoral Scholars, Academicians 

Anyone who is to learn fundamental about research method and methodology along with peer reviewed publication process.

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